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CRAMS is our industry-leading HSE management software, designed to help you meet your health and safety at work obligations. Simple to use and yet packed full of features, our HSE software solutions include all the functionality you need to ensure the safety of your workforce.


Risk Assessments

CRAMS provides a full suite of HSE software solutions. Creating risk assessments has never been simpler – use our innovative tools to create site, people, task or product-specific assessments. If your risk assessment identifies a training requirement, link it to one of our integrated e-learning courses.

H&S Reporting

CRAMS allows all users to report accidents, incidents and hazards in real-time, ensuring swift review and action. When reports are made you will be prompted to gather information, including for RIDDOR. View accident/incident trends and optimise your business processes using CRAMS’ intuitive process review notifications.


CRAMS hosts a staff training system with 50+ RoSPA/CPD certified e-learning courses. e-Learning integrates seamlessly within the system, allowing for courses to be linked to tasks. This creates an auditable two-step requirement for competency, alongside the acknowledgements feature.

Efficient Dashboard

CRAMS dashboards provide a statistical overview in relation to accidents, incidents and hazards. This gives you an insight into trends and highlights potential issues within your business. Used alongside the link to work tasks, CRAMS guides its users into implementing accident prevention controls and improves health and safety culture.

Hazard Reporting

Reporting of hazards is often lacking in HSE software solutions, however, this intelligence is key to building safe practice. Reports are sent in real-time to those who need to know, along with suggested actions, to ensure there’s intervention before a hazard can progress to an accident or incident.

Content Acknowledgements

Our system requires your staff to acknowledge all policies and documents, and allows them to submit queries or concerns regarding the documents when they do so. This empowers users to report issues and feed back concerns. Acknowledgements are logged and become auditable by Administrators/CPs at any time.

Method Statements

Creating method statements has never been so efficient. Use the formatting tools and embed photos and videos to build up a visual guide of best practice for your organisation. All method statements are then stored in a library, ready to import to new assessments, with or without edits.

H&S Training Records

CRAMS’ course completion tracker keeps an eye on internal and external courses to ensure your staff know when they have a refresher due. If a completion expires your staff will show as incompetent on any linked tasks, so you can manage your compliance more efficiently than ever before.

News System

Keeping your staff up-to-date is easy with our HSE management software. CRAMS has a news module which allows you to share any important bulletins, news, achievements, statistics and announcements that relate to your health and safety departme

COSHH Assessments

Our software gives you all the tools and information you need to complete COSHH assessments. CRAMS checks in with product manufacturers monthly to ensure product Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are always up-to-date, and notifies you of any changes in real-time. SDSs are stored in a central library for staff to access at any time.

H&S Policies

CRAMS hosts company policies and mandates, notifying staff when documents are created or amended and managing their acknowledgements. New starters get access to all relevant policies when they are added to the site, creating digital inductions which can be carried out before they commence work.


What would be the point in introducing HSE software solutions if you still have to do everything yourself? With CRAMS you’re guided through every aspect of compliance, with the software providing helpful hints, how-tos, tutorials and tools to ensure you can spend your time doing the practical stuff rather than admin.


Every CRAMS client is different, which is why we make sure every CRAMS site is too. Our HSE software solutions are built to suit you. We also offer custom development and can add bespoke functions specifically for your company (such as our audit software for KPI and target-focused teams).

System Audit Log

Everyone’s greatest fear is not having accessible data in their health and safety system should something go wrong, but our audit log tracks every interaction with the system so you can rest easy. With CRAMS you can track compliance, changes, acknowledgements, reports, course completions and more, in just a few clicks.

Security and GDPR

Our HSE management software is secure, cloud-based and GDPR compliant. We host our software on a robust platform to ensure ultimate performance and availability. To comply with data protection laws users are only shown the information they need to see, while a Competent Person or Administrator can see everything.


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Implementation Process

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We can help you with implementation of your new software.

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